Our Murals are all custom designed and painted with the utmost attention to detail. Our experience, skill and

professionalism has earned the trust of numerous award winning designers. We take pride and make strong efforts 

to reflect the specific needs and personality of an individual or company. Whether it be in the home or work space,

murals add creative and positive interest to any area.


Diverse interior design and architectural elements throughout any facility can easily be unified with murals, art and

wall graphics.


Enhanced Space works with many talented Designers in the residential and commercial fields. We have designed and

painted for Guild, Whole Foods, Red Lobster, Sego Freda, Joseph’s Grocery Store (NY), Spell Well Montessori, Steeplechase

Pediatrics, Barley Swine, Southern Thread, HEB, FAVOR, & dozens of homesteads, just to name a few.


Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes provide warmth, depth, and originality to any room. We take pride in the attention to detail to reflect

the personality of an individual's interior or exterior space.  


"Faux Finish" is a term used to describe decorative painting.

Most decorative painting utilizes classical techniques in order to provide a variety of finished surfaces such as

glazing, sponging, color washing, and customized effects. We like to incorporate stencils, collage, and mixed materials

to achieve a one of a kind look.

Longer lasting than wallpaper, Faux finishes can be applied to almost all surfaces, including dry wall, sheet rock,

plaster, wood, metal, fabric, glass, ceramic, furniture, frames, light fixtures, doors, etc.. 


The possibilities are unlimited!

Rothko Dream

Fine Art


It is our passion to create imaginative and aesthetically pleasing art.


We also WILL happily create REPRODUCTIONS OF OUR original artwork of your choice upon request.  Please visit the

"Contact Page" to communicate with us about what you would like to commission, as well as for spceific prices for

sizes not listed on already created art pieces!




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