Faux Finishes


Faux Finishes provide warmth, depth, and originality to any room. We take pride in the attention to detail to reflect the personality of an individual's interior or exterior space.  


"Faux Finish" is a term used to describe decorative painting.

Most decorative painting utilizes classical techniques in order to provide a variety of finished surfaces such as glazing, sponging, color washing, and customized effects. We like to incoporate stencils, collage, and mixed materials to achieve a one of a kind look.

Longer lasting than wallpaper, Faux finishes can be applied to almost all surfaces, including dry wall, sheet rock, plaster, wood, metal, fabric, glass, ceramic, furniture, frames, light fixtures, doors, etc.. 


The possibilites are unlimited!








Check out some of our latest work below.



Diamond Faux
Damask Stencil
Full Wall Damask in Pearl Finish
Gold Leaf
Faux Gold Metallic Leaf Squares in Power Bath
Subtle Faux Finish and Faux Bricks
Custom Stencil
Custom Stencil over distressed white washed wood panels
Faux Brick Wall- Can be done in any color
Damask Brocade
Simple Stencil Floating around room
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Metallic Ombre
Metallic Ombre Finish on Skip Trowel Wall
Gold Stencil
Gold Stencil over red faux finish
Groin Vault
Subtle Faux Finish
Gold Metal
Gold and Champagne Metallic
Hand Painted Stencil over Faux Finish
Silver Leaf
Faux Silver Metallic Square Leaf
Abstract Finish
Abstract Faux Paint
Subtle Squares
Subtle Square Faux Finish
Large Silver Squares
Large Distressed Silver Metallic Faux Finish
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Faux rounded  staircase
Faux and Stencil
Faux Finish with custom stencil pattern
Modern Faux
Modern Metallic Faux Paint
Classic Gold Toned Wall
Modern Wall
Modern Abstract Wall
Dripping Springs
Multi Blue Was
Copper Plate
Copper Metallic Finish over Tin Panels
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